Regular Car Valeting & Cleaning in Deal & East Kent

For local residents who prefer clean cars we now provide a regular car valeting and cleaning service - at a discounted price!

Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly - your choice. We'll pop round at an agreed time and bring your vehicle back to its prime.

Why get it cleaned regularly?

Bird dirt such as from seagulls and pigeons permanently damages paintwork if left. Not only that, the longer it is left, the harder it is to remove without leaving a trace. At AutoFresh, we have specially formulated products for gently dissolving these contaminants, so we can remove the muck without blemishing your paintwork.

We realise that busy people don't always have time to maintain the inside and outside of their vehicle to the standard they prefer, so why not let the experts at AutoFresh take this worry off your mind? Even vacuuming the carpet and upholstery in your vehicle is a chore, and cleaning and buffing the interior plastics, vinyls or wood takes patience and having all the right products.

Alloy wheels attract dirt, grease and oils, and over time, this dirt hardens on, becoming a second layer that is difficult to remove. At AutoFresh in Deal, we have formulated cleaning products that gently disolve away dirt on alloy wheels and other areas, without damaging them. This not only makes it easier and quicker to do, but it also preserves the finish of your vehicle, so that the resale value remains higher.

In fact, many people agree that regular car washing, valeting and waxing costs are easily paid back when it comes time to sell or trade-in your vehicle.

So, contact us about a regular car condition service on 07729 495932 or using our message form.