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Personal Mobile Car Valet Service in Deal (Kent)

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When you care about your car and you want it looked after properly, call AutoFresh. Based in Deal (Kent), we cover the surrounding areas including Canterbury, Thanet, Dover and nearby villages.

We offer a personal and professional vehicle valet service, including exterior and interior cleaning and improvement.

Prices start as low as £10 for a quick hand wash if you are local, but will vary depending on size of vehicle and the services required.

The Difference with AutoFresh Car Valeting

We take a multi-process approach to car valeting to ensure that we get the best results while preserving your vehicle's paintwork, alloys and glass. We don't use the old bucket and sponge method with washing up liquid! While that's fine for quick removal of bird muck etc, best results come from using the right process and materials to gently lift dirt and abrasive particles away from the paintwork.

Some forms of basic washing like you may see at service stations can actually damage your paintwork over time. Sponges and rags hold on to abrasive particles and can end up rubbing them back over the paintwork, causing tiny scratches, which may not be readily apparent, but over time, dull and blemish the protective covering of the paintwork.

We use specially formulated vehicle shampoos, snow foam washes, microfibre cloths and fallout removers designed to lift contaminants away from your paintwork and even makes easy work of cleaning stubborn dirt built up over time on alloy wheels.

We also use specialist products for interior plastics, leather, chrome, upholstery and all other parts of your vehicle.

We're available for regular maintenance washes to ensure that your vehicle always looks clean and shiny, and we're also up to the most demanding and difficult jobs.

Some of our extensive cleaning services include

Car Valeting

Van Valeting

Truck Valeting

Caravan Valeting

Mobile Home Valeting

Bus Valeting

Boat Valeting

Taxi Valeting

Commercial Vehicle Valeting

Drive & Patio Cleaning

Window & Conservatory Cleaning


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